There are three things

that you need to know about me: I am an artist. I am a musician. And I am a badass Latina businesswoman with a love for coffee. 

I am based in Chicago and  I will be receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Illinois at Chicago. As a student and a creator, I have found that the resources and  accessibility are limited and sparse. My life’s work is to create opportunities for creatives, especially for biwoc. My body of work ranges from musical performances to painting and most importantly curating events.

My work combines elements from street art, mexican muralism, and realism. I use materials freely and expressively to parallel the human experience. My work examines human connection through gazes and gestures and captures earthly moments. My subjects are bright, intensely colored figures that captures and emphasizes the human spirit rather than space and environment. I want viewers to solely focus on creating a connection with the subjects. The context in which my art work lives, are in vending events, galleries, pop-ups, coffee shops, and streets. I enjoy displaying my work in these events because it encourages personal connection. 

As a musician, my hopes are to create instrumental music and arrangements that evoke tension and passion that I can incorporate into my future exhibitions. My hopes are to merge both of my loves and curate events that stimulate the senses. 

My current project, “Me, Myself, and Eye” is a series of works that captures the life somber, peaceful, and thoughtful moments.

My artwork depicts brightly colored figures. I emphasize on eyes and gestures rather than space and environment.
My work taps into the world that I live, somber and beautiful.